A Brief Outline of St. Christopher's History


Members of St. Michael and All Angels Church founded St. Christopher’s Church.  The members met in their homes.

Since it was now past the Diocesan Convention date for 1953, (in those years the conventions met in January of each year), the new church had to wait until January 1954 to be official with the Diocese.  So, in January 1953,  the place of worship changed to the Fondren Library on the SMU campus.  There were 12 members.

1955, The members of this new Mission purchased three tracts of land at the corner of Westminster and the southbound access road of the old Central Expressway.

1956, The Mission petitioned the Diocese for Parish status.  St. Christopher’s became a Parish on January 25, 1956.  In the Fall of 1956, the church moved to the facilities of Crane-Longley Funeral Home just east of Abrams Rd. on Northwest Hwy.

1957, The first service in the new Church building was Easter Sunday, April 21, 1957.  The church Nave is now the Bluebird room of the St. Christopher Montessori School.  The service was officiated by the new rector F. J. Reutz  Jr.

1959, After Fr. Reutz left the Parish, the Reverend Richard Allen Lewis was chosen to be the new Rector. In 1963, after Fr. Lewis left our Parish, The Rev. Henry L. Fullerton was chosen as our new Rector.

1965, The Parish purchased the property at the corner of Lovers Lane and the southbound service road of Central Expressway.  Good thinking! In 1966, the Parish purchased the small white frame house on Lovers Lane, adjacent to our property.

1971, Our second church building, the current Parish Hall, was dedicated on September 11.

1973, The Rev. Albert Bandy was hired to assist Fr. Fullerton. In 1978, The Fullerton Hall Parish Hall was constructed and dedicated in 1979.  This is the current Flamingo Room of The St. Christopher’s Montessori School.

1981, The Rev. R. E. McCarry was hired as an assistant to Fr. Fullerton.

1984, The Rev. Wayne Carter became the Interim after Fr. Fullerton retired.

1984,  Bettye Meyerson and her husband, Nathan, opened the The St. Christopher Montessori School.  The school had 17 students. 

1984, The Vestry elected Fr. Fullerton as a Rector Emeritus.

1985, The Baldwin Organ was installed in the choir loft of the church (current Parish Hall). In 1985, The Rev. Lawrence Bowser served as the Interim Rector.

1985, The Rev. Manton L. Tracy (Father Matt) was called to be the fifth Rector of the Church.

1988, Fr. John Goliath from South Africa became an assistant and returned to South Africa in 1989.

1990, The Parish began the planning stage for a new church building.  These plans were hastened with the widening of Central Expressway.

1992, The new Church and offices were dedicated on June 20.

1996, The Memorial Garden was blessed and dedicated.

1997, With the approval of Fr. Matt, Rock of Aged, St. Christopher's House Band, was formed by four members of the choir. 

1997, The Rev. Trudie Smither joined the staff as Assistant Rector.  On Sunday, December 7, the Memorial Garden was dedicated as a place where ashes of church members or their loved ones could be buried or spread across the grounds.

1999, Becky Peal/Sconce became the organist and Choir Director after Mark Gilliam left for a new job position.

2001, Becky Meyerson became the Executive Director of the St. Christopher's Montessori School.

2002, Fr. Manton Tracy (Matt) suddenly passed away on January 31.  Mother Trudie Smither was appointed Interim Rector.

2004, The Rev. Wylie Miller was called as the new Rector of St. Christopher’s.

2006, Fr. Miller left our church in December.

2007, The Rev. Larry Murphy became our Interim Rector.

2014, Fr. Larry retired in November.  

2015, In August,  The Rev. Canon Dr. Jeremy Bergstrom became our Priest-in-Charge.

2018, In December, Canon Jeremy Bergstrom, answered the call to become the Rector or St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Lake Mary, Florida.

2019, In January, The Rev. John Thorpe was appointed Interim.

2019, Effective March 1, The Rev'd Matthew Burdette is now our Priest-in-Charge. 






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St. Christopher's Past and Present 

Our First Church

Now, part of the Montessori School.

Phil Mein's Drawing of our church. 05/2016

Sketch by Phil Mein