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Service Schedules


8:00 AM, Rite I Said Eucharist

9:00 AM-9:45 AM, Liturgy Discussion in the Parish Hall.

10:00 AM, Rite II Choral Eucharist.  Nursery is provided.


10:30 AM - 11:15 AM, Meditation and Intercessory Prayer


10:00 AM, Rite I Eucharist.

Discussion follows

Please check the calender for the Lenten schedule and Holy Week schedule.



The Rev. Canon Dr. Jeremy Bergstrom, Canon of Vocations.

Assistant Priest

The Rev. Canon Dr. Davd Petrash

Canon David is curently filling in

at St. Luke's Dallas.


The Rev. Ariail Gores

Choir Director and Organist

Ms. Becky Peal-Sconce

Office Manager

Ms. Nancy Killough

Montessori School Director

Ms. Becky Meyerson

Altar Guild

Ms. Nancy Killough

Daughters of the King

Ms. Kathy Steele

Healing Order of St. Luke

Morris Evans, Jeffrey Hill


Bill Maddox, Susan Sorrells

Event Coordinator

Ms. Kim Mitchell

Facebook Administrators

Cannon Bergstrom, Ms. Becky Meyerson, Morris Evans

Website and Bulletins

Morris Evans, Bill Harris

2018 Vestry

Ms. Madalyn Wells - Senior Warden - 2018

Wally Whleer -        Junior Warden -  2019


Ms. Mary Barker

Justin Chen


Ms. Amie Brewer

Mike Krankota

Wally Wheeler


Ms. Cadian Hooker

Ms. Heather Hobbs

Rusty Mitchell


Ms. Devana Jackson   Bookkeeper

 TBD                                     Treasurer

Ms. Susan Sorrells      Clerk